500 Poppies

May 21, 2019

2 min read

Our new Blog: 500 Poppies

I am starting a new blog called 500 Poppies (for now using Medium) which will highlight the research, accomplishments and interviews of women scientists from all over the world. With this effort, I hope to amplify the voices of women scientists and to bring forth the issues faced by them. We would also love to hear from male allies within the scientific and tech community, and feature their voices and opinions.

I hope this blog would inspire the next generation as well.

Poppies of California

I am also a member of the leadership team in the pod of 500 Women Scientists at the Northern California. For the pod activities and the leadership team, check out this Pod of The Week post by 500 Women Scientists from October 2018. Don’t forget to connect with the pod at twitter (@500WS_SFBay) and Facebook Group.

If you have any suggestion for the scientist profiles to highlight in these blogposts, please reach out to me. Thanks a lot to the readership. I think it will be an exciting journey.

-Promita Chakraborty (Editor, 500 Poppies)

A blog about women scientists. Founding editor of blog: Dr. Promita Chakraborty, San Francisco Bay Area.

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